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– as a thank you we are sending you 1 Credz to your Polygon address. This will give you 1% Apy production of new Credz per year but paid out every 10 seconds. Your Affiliate registered address will produce our loyalty token Credz to you for free.


I-DAO Pays up to 70% commission on its products – in real time! This means as soon as we have received the customer’s payment, a backend process will kick off and send your commissions to You – in real-time – with no delays, which is Yours to use in any way, shape, or form You want. We pay out commissions in Polygon USDT stable coin and we add 5% on top of your total commissions in our loyalty token Credz.. This is paid out automatically. Please make sure you have added your Polygon address and imported our tokens to your wallet BEFORE you start to market our products. Please follow this Guide


Make sure to enter your Crypto Address right away so you do not miss out on our Airdrops, Real-Time payouts, or other affiliate events that we might have over time.

A simple guide on how to create your address and add our tokens to the Polygon Blockchain.

No! You won’t lose out, completely, if you do not enter the address right away. However we will be charging you a 15% holding fee because I-DAO does not want to hold Your money, they should be sent as soon as possible to You – which makes us different than all the others.