I-Boozt By HODLStake 30 days.

29.00 / month

Enable a 30 Minting Boozt on your address, providing you with up to double minting speed for 30 days.

Purchasing this package will mint you a few Credz to your address in order to enable this feature. Make sure to enter your address at the checkout.





The i-Boozt by HODLSTAKE production is the next-gen minting solution tailored for today’s modern crypto enthusiasts. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this production solution effortlessly enhances your Credz holding experience, maximizing production while ensuring utmost security with no energy consumption.

Beyond its technological prowess, the i-Boozt offers unparalleled energy efficiency, significantly reducing overhead costs and elevating your Credz minting profitability. The device seamlessly integrates with major crypto wallets and exchanges, providing a streamlined process from minting to asset management. Additionally, the i-Boozt comes with a dedicated 24/7 support team, guaranteeing peace of mind for users at every step of their minting journey. Embrace the new era of crypto minting with i-Boozt, where performance meets simplicity.

New minted Fresh Credz – delivered directly to your wallet.

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