How-To: Get started with IDAO Wallets

How-To: Get started with IDAO Wallets

We urge all our members and customers to self-custodian when it comes to their funds. We as an organization does not want to hold any assets that a member or customer owns. This requires You to take action into creating your own Crypto Address for the Polygon Network and import the needed smart contracts that we use e.g. USDT and CREDZ.

This How-To will teach you simply step by step how to setup your Metamask. There are other wallets that supports the same functionality with similar steps. But we will use Metamask in this How-To. In this How-To we will use the browser extension for Metamask but the steps are identical in the mobile app of Metamask.

Add Polygon network to your Metamask.

There are two ways to add Polygon to your Metamask.

  1. The easiest way is:
    Go to and in the lower right corner of this website you can click the “Add Polygon to Metamask” link. If you comlplete this step you can scroll down to the “Import Tokens” Section.

  2. The harder way is:
    * Open the Metamask settings -> Networks -> Add custom network

    * In the input box that comes up enter the following parameters:
    – Network Name: Polygon
    – New RPC Url:
    – Chain ID: 137
    – Currency symbol: MATIC
    – Block explorer URL:

    It should look like this:

Import Tokens USDT and CREDZ to your Metamask

We use the following Smart Contract addresses, for you with a mobile phone you can scan the addresses at the step where you need to add the address. The QR codes just contains the address itself, but no instructions.

USDT Contract Address

CREDZ Contract Address

To import the Tokens in your Metamask do like this.

Click on Tokens and then the Import Tokens button and finally click Custom Token. Enter the contracts address into the “Token contract address” field, or scan it with your phone if using the mobile app. It should look like this:

Repeat the step for the CREDZ contract.

Happy earnings everyone!