We envision a world where DeFi is the driving force behind a democratized financial system, where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and prosper. Our vision is to establish ourselves as the go-to platform for DeFi education, empowering millions of individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to participate actively and make informed decisions within the ecosystem. Through our innovative referral marketing approach, we aim to create a global network of passionate advocates who will champion the benefits of DeFi, creating a ripple effect that transforms the financial landscape for the better.


At our core, we aim to revolutionize the financial landscape by promoting decentralized finance (DeFi), empowering individuals worldwide to take control of their financial future. Through our innovative e-learning platform, we strive to provide accessible and comprehensive educational resources, enabling individuals to understand and navigate the complexities of DeFi and unlock its potential. By incorporating the power of referral marketing, we foster a collaborative and inclusive community, where individuals are incentivized to share their knowledge and experiences, accelerating the adoption and growth of DeFi globally.


In our marketing program, we recognize the inherent value of word-of-mouth and the power of personal recommendations. By incentivizing our community members to refer others to our e-learning platform, we create a network effect that not only expands our reach but also encourages individuals to actively engage in the DeFi ecosystem. Through a robust referral system, we offer attractive rewards and bonuses to both the referrers and the referred, fostering a symbiotic relationship that fuels the growth of our community and drives widespread adoption of DeFi. By leveraging the collective knowledge and enthusiasm of our referral network, we aim to create a powerful force that propels the DeFi movement forward, empowering individuals to take control of their financial destiny.

Join Us in our endeavor and “to boldly go where no one has gone before” to qoute a famous tv show..

Decentralized E-learning.

Decentralized Community.

Decentralized Finance Services.

Decentralized Referral Marketing.


is a community platform of cutting-edge DeFi services, offering individuals a seamless experience in the world of decentralized finance. Our comprehensive e-learning platform equips users with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and thrive in the DeFi ecosystem. Through our innovative referral marketing program, we foster a vibrant community that actively promotes the benefits of DeFi, driving its adoption and creating a network effect for mutual growth and success.


We have identified these global issues for digital entrepreneurs.

No World Wide Platform:

The lack of one single platform for building a network with like-minded people. To be able to connect, communicate and learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences.

No Safe Transactions:

Many entrepreneurs make their living today through different payout systems. They need to rely on, that they receive their earnings correctly from the company they market.

No Global Payment System:

Entrepreneurs today need to collect payment from several local clearing houses and financial institutions – making it sometimes expensive and time-consuming to receive and send their payments.

Our Solutions

3 Focus areas we provide solutions in :

Social & E-learning Platform:

By utilizing decentralized social and e-learning platforms, our users can create a online network of likeminded people. Our e-learning platform makes sure they can learn & earn at the same time.

Secure Decentralized Finance.

Our users will be able to access unique DeFi Services that will help them not only to receive global instant payments but also fast and cost-effective exchanges between different currencies.

Decentralized Payout Systems

Our unique referral system utilizes our first product – our fast payout system. By utilizing the blazing speed of blockchain we can make sure that our affiliates receive their correct payment within 5 seconds of payment of the services from our customers. This ensures that our affiliates receive their correct commission same day.

Join The Founders Club.

The Founders Club consists of prestige members who see the value of becoming a DAO member of I-DAO. Every Founding member receives 10.000 governance tokens that let them not only be a major part of the development of the DAO – where they vote and make suggestions for the organization’s future. They will also receive a yearly profit sharing from the organization’s profit. This will be paid out in stablecoins depending on the outcome voting of the annual meeting.

The very first 100 Founding members receive a unique package of advantages :

  • Lifetime membership in the social media platform.
  • Unique Gold Metal Visa Card that lets you receive and send crypto.
  • I-DAO Branded hardware wallet from Ledger.
  • Crypto Trading Company – your very own ltd companytax optimized for blockchain business.
  • Company bank account with expense card.
  • 10.000 governance tokens in the DAO with profit sharing from i-daoś yearly profits, and much much more.
  • Corporate Automatic Trading bot  – The iBOT – will create automatic trades for you on Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Bitmex, Bitfinex, – to make sure you are growing your companies profits,
    Our membership services are built to aid our members in their digital entrepreneurship.

How i-DAO can help you!

Our Ecosystem is based on several blockchain models and we can assist you to solve several issues of problems.

Build your global digital network with us !!

Building your network with I-DAO is a game-changer for anyone looking to thrive in the decentralized world. By joining I-DAO, you're not just becoming part of a DAO, but you're entering a community of forward-thinking individuals who value collaboration, innovation, and shared success. It's an opportunity to learn from others, share your own expertise, and collectively shape the future of decentralized governance and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Connect with others !!

Once you've built your network, nurturing it becomes crucial for sustained growth and success. Regular engagement, sharing of insights, and collaboration on projects can strengthen relationships, foster trust, and lead to new opportunities within the network. Remember, a well-nurtured network is a vibrant ecosystem of shared knowledge and mutual support, which can be a powerful catalyst for innovation and success in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized governance.

Target your goal to reach out.

Let's say your target is to launch a successful decentralized application (dApp) within the next year. Having built and nurtured your network within I-DAO, you now have a wealth of resources at your disposal. You can collaborate with developers and marketeers in your network to build the dApp, leverage the collective knowledge of your network to navigate regulatory and technical challenges, and even mobilize your network for beta testing and initial user acquisition. Furthermore, you can tap into the network's connections for potential partnerships, funding opportunities, or marketing collaborations. In this way, your well-nurtured network becomes a powerful tool in achieving your target.

Let us help you secure your IDEA..

I-DAO's diverse community can provide valuable feedback to refine your idea and identify potential challenges and opportunities. Leveraging I-DAO's decentralized governance, you can secure your idea with clear agreements about intellectual property and contributions. With I-DAO's collaborative ethos and access to a network of potential users, investors, and advocates, you can significantly accelerate the development, launch, and scaling of your idea.

Let IDAO help you to monetize your network.

I-DAO can help monetize your idea through community insights on revenue models and potential funding from treasury funds. If your project involves a native token, I-DAO can assist in organizing a token sale for fundraising and distribution. Moreover, the I-DAO community can serve as an initial user base, enabling you to generate revenue from the outset.

Introducing I-DAO Usercenter

Introducing I-DAO’s groundbreaking UserCenter – the ultimate hub for seamless user experiences and unparalleled connectivity to the world of DeFi services, including P2P lending platforms, swaps and DEX, and tax-optimized strategies.

With our UserCenter, we prioritize user friendliness above all else, simplifying the DeFi journey for both newcomers and experienced users alike. Navigating complex DeFi platforms can be intimidating, but our intuitive interface and user-friendly design empower you to effortlessly access and utilize a wide range of DeFi services, from P2P lending platforms for borrowing and lending to swaps and DEX for seamless token exchanges.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
KYC Verification

I-DAO Token Economics

Our token offerings will run until the soft cap is reached. Full details of the token economics can be found within the whitepaper (** to be released).
We will release 2 tokens within the MICAR rules :
1. Governance Token (utility)  2. Trading token (security)

10,000,000 Founders Club Supply
75,600,000 Members Supply

Bonus Details

Founders Club PRE-SALE
Ambassadors Presale
Members Sale
chart Est. Token Allocation
  • Founders Club Sales 60%
  • Staking fund 8%
  • Team and Founders 15%
  • Board Advisors 4%
  • Ecosystem Development 7%
  • Marketing and Bounty 6%
chart Est.Funds Allocation
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


Download the whitepaper and learn about i-DAO. All documentation will be released from time to time with new versions. They are subject to change and are living documents. Please revisit this section several times to get the new versions.

White Paper (PDF) *To be released
One Pager (PDF) *To be released
Terms of Sales
Privacy & Policy


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Our Affiliate System

We are launching a unique affiliate system that will help you grow your online business with us. Our affiliate system pays out 30% on all sales in 5 different tiers.  You will be able to access the affiliate system from within our IDAO USERCENTER. All our commissions is paid out in real time in USDT. As soon as a customer pays for their services – you will receive your commission to your wallet as near real-time as possible.




Core Team Member

Patrik Isaksson
Founder & CEO
David Skeppstedt
Co-Founder & CTO
Michael Karlsson
Co-Founder & CSO
Open Position
Cheif Project Manager

Advisory Board

Open Position
Advisory - Blockchain
Open Position
Advisory - Legal
Open Position
Advisory - Web3 Marketing


Below we’ve provided a bit of our frequently asked question.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch via our support email : [email protected]

I-DAO is a decentralized organization & platform that will help its members and users to expand their knowledge within the ecosystem of blockchain. We provide services and e-learning within this field and all sales that generates a profit, will be shared for amongst our members - everything IDAO generates as profit is shared up to 20% on a annual basis to all governance token holders.

The Founders Club consists of prestige members who see the value of becoming a DAO member of I-DAO. Every Founding member receives 10.000 governance tokens once they buy the Founders Members Club Package. The Package contains all our products and services. The Club Package also let them be a major part of the development of the DAO – where they vote and make suggestions for the organization’s future. They will also receive 10.000 voting tokens and a yearly profit sharing from the organization’s profit. This will be paid out in stablecoins depending on the outcome voting of the annual membership meeting.

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a new way of organizing and running a group or community. It operates on blockchain technology and is governed by smart contracts instead of a central authority. DAOs allow members to make decisions collectively, vote on proposals, and manage funds transparently, creating a decentralized and self-governing ecosystem. They are often used for crowdfunding, or managing digital assets, enabling greater autonomy and trust among participants.

I-DAO utilizes the power of the blockchain and smart contracts. Our Affiliate system is integrated with the Polygon Chain and you will recieve your commission as soon as a cthe ustomer you have refered to us pays their service and that their payment clears our system. If a customer pays with crypto - it normaly takes up to 10 confirmations on the blockchains before we recieve the funds. Once the funds is in our wallets - a comission is sent out to your wallet. You set your wallet adress inside our USER DASHBOARD. You need to import the Polygon main network to your wallet - we recomend either metamask or trust wallet. You then need to import THIS token adress : 0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F ; This is Polygons USDT contract adress.

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